Sponsor an Animal Monthly

Tiers begin at $25/month

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Tiers begin at $25/month

Sponsor Your Favorite Animal


Our animals need your help. They have been rescued from many different situations including hoarding, neglect, and abandonment. We are currently home to 190+ fur kids. Your monthly donation will go directly to the care of your chosen resident. Not sure who to sponsor? Let us know and we'll choose for you!

Food Tier - $25/month covers the cost of feed.

Hay Tier - $50/month covers the cost of feed and hay.

Housing Tier - $75/month covers the cost of feed, hay, and housing.

Health Tier - $100/month covers the cost of feed, hay, housing, and veterinary care.

You'll receive a photo and background story of your sponsored resident along with a Certificate of Sponsorship.

We are a true sanctuary, our residents live here for the remainder of their lives, and they are not kept in cages or pens. The monthly costs for feed, housing, and veterinary care for our residents increase with every animal we save. Your donation will make the difference for the life of these animals and help us to continue our rescue efforts.

We invite you to visit us and see your donations at work.